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Floral Fantasy Valentine Heart by Cheri Mancini


Last year in february I found pictures of an awesome crochet heart on flickr and fell in love straight away. LaceCrochet designed them herself. I kept going back to her pictures to awww and ohhhh about the little beauties… I have to show them to you: Designed and crochet by Cheri Mancini

Aren´t they beautiful? <3<3<3<3<3

And then a few days ago I couldn´t beliebe my eyes… She wrote a pattern for them and uploaded it to And she offers the pattern for FREE. Yes, it´s unbelievable, isn´t it?

I was so happy and had to try it straight away. I never tried the bullion or roll stitch before so it was a bit difficult for me to make these. But with a little practice I´m getting better and made two little hearts that I can show you:

So if you want to give it a try and make these awesome little hearts for Valentines day here is a link to the free pattern:

Thank you so much Cheri for sharing this pattern with us. I´m still absolutely in LOVE with it!!!

Do you like Chocolate Cake? Make one in 5 Minutes


It´s sunday and the shops are closed. Do you feel a  craving for chocolate cake and you have no possibility to get some???

This is the rescue: A  FIVE-MINUTE-CHOCOLATE-CAKE made in your microwave.

You don´t bevieve it? Neither did I….

This morning I went to It´s a forum about crocheting amigurumis.

In the off-topic section someone posted a recepie for a Mug-Cake. So I went off to my kitchen to see if I have all the things I need for it…  Hmmm… No Chocolate Chips and no Vanilla Extract. But who cares… I have to try it…

So I stired it all together in a cup and put it in my microwave. Wait, wait, wait…. Pling!!! Ready…

and… and… and..??? Hmmmm… Yummmie 🙂 🙂 🙂

So I thought I have to, have to, have to share it with you.

Here is all you need:

My first Overlay Crochet Mandala


In my last post I told you that I want to try to overlay crochet. On Saturday I started with the “Overlay Mandala” pattern. My first try came out totally wonky.

I worked 11 rounds of the pattern and I knew I was doing something wrong. Frogged somes rows and did them again. But it still didn´t look right. So I started to read the instructions propperly… and yes it was my fault. I was so hot to start this project that I didn’t read every hint before I started the pattern. My bad…

And as we know: When live gives you lemons, make some lemonade. So I made a little bird of that wonky piece of crochet:

On Saturday evening I srarted again and now everything worked fine. It´s all about knowing when to crochet in back loops, when to crochet in front loops and about counting rows. Suddenly I got the hang of it and everything fell into place.

It´s sunday evening now and I finished my first Overlay Mandala. I think it´s quite ok for a first piece. So here it is…

I proudly present my first “Overlay Crochet Mandala”:

Not perfect, but for my first Mandala I´m quite pleased with it…

What do you think? 🙂

Overlay Crochet


It seems like Overlay crochet becomes more and more popular. I really like the look of it but didn´t try it. But everytime I see it, it makes my fingers itchy and my Hooks are calling for me :). It looks so artsy and colorfull. So finnaly I decided to find a pattern I like and start a project.

I bought the Book “Crochet Master Class” there’s a really beautiful cushion in there in overlay technique. You can see it on the cover.  But to me it seemed a bit big for a first Project.

A while before that I bought “Crochet Overlay Jewelry”. Very beautiful pieces in there but way to small for me to start learning a new technique:

If you google for “overlay crochet” you find some really nice projects other crocheters made. Here are some examles:

This beauty is made by “Yarn Hacker”:

the same pattern in different colors by “crochetbug”:

and another one by crochet3love”:

Or look what I found the Blog of “crochetwithdee”:

As you can see… lots and lots of beautiful inspiration.

And yesterday I found a pattern I will start learning overlay crochet with. It´s by “CaroCreated Design”. I absolutely love her patterns anyway and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this new pattern in her shop: “Overlay Mandala”. I decided that this is going to be the one… Perfect to start with…

I ordered it and only a couple of hours later it was in my Email. I started the first 4 Rows yesterday and will continue crocheting this evening. It´s so exciting to try something new. I really hope mine will turn out only half as beautiful as hers…

I will definitely let you know how it goes…

Have a nice day or evening (depending on where you live out there)

Happy Hooking everyone 🙂