Overlay Crochet


It seems like Overlay crochet becomes more and more popular. I really like the look of it but didn´t try it. But everytime I see it, it makes my fingers itchy and my Hooks are calling for me :). It looks so artsy and colorfull. So finnaly I decided to find a pattern I like and start a project.

I bought the Book “Crochet Master Class” there’s a really beautiful cushion in there in overlay technique. You can see it on the cover.  But to me it seemed a bit big for a first Project.

A while before that I bought “Crochet Overlay Jewelry”. Very beautiful pieces in there but way to small for me to start learning a new technique:

If you google for “overlay crochet” you find some really nice projects other crocheters made. Here are some examles:

This beauty is made by “Yarn Hacker”:

the same pattern in different colors by “crochetbug”:

and another one by crochet3love”:

Or look what I found the Blog of “crochetwithdee”:

As you can see… lots and lots of beautiful inspiration.

And yesterday I found a pattern I will start learning overlay crochet with. It´s by “CaroCreated Design”. I absolutely love her patterns anyway and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this new pattern in her shop: “Overlay Mandala”. I decided that this is going to be the one… Perfect to start with…

I ordered it and only a couple of hours later it was in my Email. I started the first 4 Rows yesterday and will continue crocheting this evening. It´s so exciting to try something new. I really hope mine will turn out only half as beautiful as hers…

I will definitely let you know how it goes…

Have a nice day or evening (depending on where you live out there)

Happy Hooking everyone 🙂

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  1. Hi Daniela!! I have that same book…I liked the overlay and one other thing, but the rest I found not so good…hope you can figure it all out and share it with the rest of us!!! You are so good at that…hope all is well and it’s so nice you have a blog now…so we can visit any time we want, but not disturb you
    big hugs

  2. I have the book Crochet Master Class, thought this was out of my league of skills, but now that I have seen other people making these I think I will just give it a try!! I love your blog, this is my first time reading it but I will be returning for sure!!

  3. Hi Daniela, i live in South Africa and someone mention your blog on facebook, this overlaying looks difficult but adventurous,we don’t always get these amazing books in South Africa. Is there a way to get hold of this pattern from SA? Sorry for my silly Question I am rather new at this way of communicating across the globe. x

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