Do you like Chocolate Cake? Make one in 5 Minutes


It´s sunday and the shops are closed. Do you feel a  craving for chocolate cake and you have no possibility to get some???

This is the rescue: A  FIVE-MINUTE-CHOCOLATE-CAKE made in your microwave.

You don´t bevieve it? Neither did I….

This morning I went to It´s a forum about crocheting amigurumis.

In the off-topic section someone posted a recepie for a Mug-Cake. So I went off to my kitchen to see if I have all the things I need for it…  Hmmm… No Chocolate Chips and no Vanilla Extract. But who cares… I have to try it…

So I stired it all together in a cup and put it in my microwave. Wait, wait, wait…. Pling!!! Ready…

and… and… and..??? Hmmmm… Yummmie 🙂 🙂 🙂

So I thought I have to, have to, have to share it with you.

Here is all you need:


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  1. I have heard about this and that it is good!! My favourite dessert is chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream……. well…… I have the ice cream!!!!! LOL

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