Petition to the Brazilian government to stop the construction of the Belo Monte Monster Damn


Dear Friends,

I just signed a petition to the Brazilian government to stop the construction of the Belo Monte Monster Dam complex in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. If built, it will be the third largest dam in the world. It will flood 668 km2 of Amazon rainforest, causing irreversible harm, including the displacement of more than 20,000 people who stand to lose everything – their homes, their livelihood, and the river that sustains them. Additionally, the dam will exacerbate global climate change.

Join me and sign the petition to stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam and help defend the rainforest and its people!

The Brazilian government has an opportunity to demonstrate global leadership in protecting the Amazon, its people and the global climate instead of continuing on a path of dirty and destructive development. Please join me in the battle to stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam and defend a real Pandora on Earth.

Add your voice and sign the petition!

Thank You!

Chief Raoni crying when he learned that the President of Brazil approved the Belo Monte dam project on the Xingu indigenous lands. Belo Monte will be bigger than the Panama Canal, flooding acres of rainforest & indigenous lands. 20,000 indigenous and local people will be forced off their native lands (as well as millions of unknown species & plants) In the name of “progress”.

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    • I signed the petition. I found out through Crochet with Raymond as I get email updates from her, and I really felt led to go and sign this petition. I am so weary of the destruction of our world. I hope I can help just a little. Thanks for posting this. I also posted on my Facebook page. Now, I’m going to go explore your website. I am a fellow crochet addict. And proud of it!!

    • Have signed the petition which I learned about through Crochet with Raymond as I subscribe to e-mail updates from her.
      I’m so sick of big companies raping the earth just to make another $$ so if adding my name helps stop them in their tracks then my name is on it!

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  2. Hi i came across your lovely blog via crochet with Raymond. I have re- blogged and signed. So sad that this happens xx

  3. I too have signed, shared the link on facebook and emailed everyone in my address book. I hope they all do the same 🙂

  4. Greetings Daniella: I found your blog via a link from Alice’s blog… I too crochet and am interested in bettering the world at large – I also signed the petition and reposted on FB for my contacts in America! Even what seems like a small ripple can have a vast affect when it is added to!!! One Love One Planet One family of Humankind ❤

    Now on to view your crochet work…. thanx for bringing this to my attention and have a Blessed good day!

  5. Thank you so very much everyone!!!! I think it´s really importand that we try to help… not only in this case…
    There are so many bad and wrong things going on in this world. And maybe if enought people stand up and say “NO” it will help to make this world a better place.

  6. I’ve signed the petition and shared on facebook. Came here thanxs to Alice from Crochet with Raymond. Thank you for sharing….Crocheters united against ecocide…

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