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RIP Amina!!! Stop Morocco’s rape and marry law!!!


Days ago, 16 year-old Amina Filali, raped, beaten and forced to wed her rapist, killed herself — the only way she saw to escape the trap set for her by her rapist and the law. If we act now, we can stop this unspeakable tragedy from happening to anyone else.

Article 475 in Morocco’s penal code allows a rapist to avoid prosecution and a long prison sentence by marrying his victim if she is a minor. Since 2006, the government has promised to strike this down and pass legislation prohibiting violence against women, but it hasn’t happened.

Hundreds of Moroccan protestors are in the streets demanding real reform, turning up the heat on the Prime Minister and heads of other ministries, who write and sponsor bills and the international media has picked up the story. If we ramp up pressure, we can see real progress now. Sign the petition for a comprehensive law to stop violence against women, including repeal of Article 475.

Another try on Mixed Media


I made a nother try on mixed media art. But still I´m not satisfied with my work. I preordered Suzi Blu´s Book a few weeks ago. But I still have to wait a month till I get it. And I caaaaaan´t wait anymore 😦

So I just purchased one of Suzis online Classes: Petite Dolls Self Guided! Can´t wait to get access to it. I hope it will not take to long… I soooo want to start to learn how she makes all the beautifull paintings she does ♥

And to all my crochet friends out there: no worries I will come back to crochet because I looooove it tooooo 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥

Something different…


Today I felt like I needed to do something different… and as if I need a break from life and a little escape from the world.

So I got some drawing stuff out, I didn´t use the things for ages. But I saw the beautifull little paintings by Suzi Blu a while ago and thought that would be just right for today. So I started my first try on mixed media art.

I put my Loreena McKennit – Nights from the Alhambra into my blue ray player and turned up the sound. I think she is one of the best artists ever. She always carries me away… no matter how I feel. She kidnappes my every thime and brings me to nice and good places and feelings. Thank you so much Loreena for giving me so much…

Then I hust tried to switch my head of and let everything flow through me…

and after listening to Loreena twice this was the result and I felt like I was coming back from a little vacation:


Have a nice weekend everyone and dream a little wide awake…

Free crochet pattern: ♥ Tiny Little Hearts ♥


I´m working on another new pattern. It will be named “Bee mine”. I designed a little heart that I needed for it and I think it´s so quick and easy to make and can be used for so may things… Like making a card, attaching it to a gift or sew it to your stuff.

So I thought I would share it with you 😀 and here it is: a tiny little pattern for tiny little hearts!

♥ Tiny Little Hearts ♥

For the hearts on the picture I used a 4mm Hook and they are about 2 cm.

  1. ch 2, sc 9 times in first ch, close round with slst to top of ch 2 (= 9 sc made)
  2. slst in next sc, work 5 sc in next, skip 1 sc, sc in next, (sc, ch 2, sc) in next, sc in next, skip 1 sc, work 5 sc in next, slst in next, FO. Weave in ends or leava a long end for sewing onto something

Your tiny little heart is ready ♥♥♥.

Pretty Spring Birdy


This is my new patternand it´s available online for 3,00 € . It´s written in german and english. Go to Ravelry: or if you are not a Ravelry member klick here: BUY NOW

The left bird is chrochet with a 4mm Hook and Schachnmayr nomotta bravo.
It measures 19,5 cm from head to tip of tail and 16 cm from wing to leaf.
The right bird is crochet with a 2mm Hook and some leftofer scrapyarn. It measures 12,5 cm from head to tip of tail and 9,5 cm from wing to leaf.
This pattern is great for using all your scrap yarn. You can use the birdy as application or hanger. It looks pretty with or without the branch.

Dies ist meine neue Häkelanleitung. Sie ist online erhältlich (in deutsch und englisch) für 3,00 €. Gehen Sie zu meiner Ravelry Seite: oder klicken Sie hier: BUY NOW

Das linke Vögelchen ist mit einer 4mm Häkelnadel und Resten von Schachnmayr nomotta bravo gearbeitet.
Es misst 19,5 cm vom Kopf bis zur Schwanzspitze und 16 cm vom Flügel bis zur äußeren Blattspitze.
Das rechte Vögelchen ist mit einer 2mm Häkelnadel und Garnresten in der passenden Stärke gearbeitet.
Es misst 12,5 cm vom Kopf bis zur Schwanzspitze und 9,5 cm vom Flügel bis zur äußeren Blattspitze.
Diese Anleitung eignet sich großartig um Woll- und Garnreste zu verbrauchen, da nur sehr wenig davon benötigt wird. Man kann das Vögelchen als Aufnäher oder zum aufhängen benutzen. Es
sieht auch ohne den Ast sehr hübsch aus.

This is my new patternand it´s available online for 3,00 € . It´s written in german and english. Go to Ravelry: or if you are not a Ravelry member klick here: BUY NOW