Mia Dorothea


I became an aunt again 🙂

On 29.08.2012 my little niece ♥ Mia Dorothea ♥ was Born ♥ 2750 gramms and  48cm ♥

and because I wish the sun will always shine for her I crochet a big sun for her to hang over her bed. Here it is:

The pattern is by Mala-Designs (Petrussonne)

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  1. Thank you so very much Ladies 🙂
    She loves her sun. My sister told me that she first takes a look at it whenever she wakes up in her little bed. Sometimes Mia “talks” to the sun when she is alone in her room :))))

  2. So lovley. I’m thought that it would be a great present to crochet to my son, but I cant tell if the pattern that you buy if its in english? Don’t want to buy something that I don’t have any use for.. please do tell, how did you understand the pattern? Did it come in english, or how did you do to understand it?

    • Hi Jasmina, the pattern is in german only. It has a lot of pictures though and I think the Designer will help you if you have any Questiones. Also there are a lot of sites that help with crochet abbrevations in different languages. For example:

      Maybe this helps…

  3. Hi I have been trying to order a pattern from the site that u got this one from but I am having lots of problems. How did U go about it? Hope u dont mind me asking, Im just getting frustrated with it at the moment. Thanks Alanna

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