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RIP Amina!!! Stop Morocco’s rape and marry law!!!


Days ago, 16 year-old Amina Filali, raped, beaten and forced to wed her rapist, killed herself — the only way she saw to escape the trap set for her by her rapist and the law. If we act now, we can stop this unspeakable tragedy from happening to anyone else.

Article 475 in Morocco’s penal code allows a rapist to avoid prosecution and a long prison sentence by marrying his victim if she is a minor. Since 2006, the government has promised to strike this down and pass legislation prohibiting violence against women, but it hasn’t happened.

Hundreds of Moroccan protestors are in the streets demanding real reform, turning up the heat on the Prime Minister and heads of other ministries, who write and sponsor bills and the international media has picked up the story. If we ramp up pressure, we can see real progress now. Sign the petition for a comprehensive law to stop violence against women, including repeal of Article 475.

Petition to the Brazilian government to stop the construction of the Belo Monte Monster Damn


Dear Friends,

I just signed a petition to the Brazilian government to stop the construction of the Belo Monte Monster Dam complex in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. If built, it will be the third largest dam in the world. It will flood 668 km2 of Amazon rainforest, causing irreversible harm, including the displacement of more than 20,000 people who stand to lose everything – their homes, their livelihood, and the river that sustains them. Additionally, the dam will exacerbate global climate change.

Join me and sign the petition to stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam and help defend the rainforest and its people!

The Brazilian government has an opportunity to demonstrate global leadership in protecting the Amazon, its people and the global climate instead of continuing on a path of dirty and destructive development. Please join me in the battle to stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam and defend a real Pandora on Earth.

Add your voice and sign the petition!

Thank You!

Chief Raoni crying when he learned that the President of Brazil approved the Belo Monte dam project on the Xingu indigenous lands. Belo Monte will be bigger than the Panama Canal, flooding acres of rainforest & indigenous lands. 20,000 indigenous and local people will be forced off their native lands (as well as millions of unknown species & plants) In the name of “progress”.