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Summery Treasure Bag, FLOWERS and BEES


Happy Mothersday to all the Ladies out there.

I just wanted to show you my finished little Treasure Bag. You can read about it here: https://danielasneedleart.wordpress.com/2012/05/05/flowers-bees-bugs/

I think it´s a cute Gift for a little [or not so little ;)] girl…

Flowers, Bees & Bugs


I bought a new pattern today. Actually I don´t have time for any crochet at the moment but I just couldn´t resist.

The pattern contains some super cute creatures 🙂 and they where so easy and quick to make. I love them ♥.  There´s also a little drawstring bag in the pattern where you can sew the little tresures to. But I will make that some time later….

You can find the pattern by Susan D. Kennedy here: Summery Treasure Bag, FLOWERS and BEES