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Sunburst Granny Hearts: free pattern by Bunny Mummy


I found this nice Sunburst Granny Hearts pattern by Bunny Mummy while I was surfing on the net.

I tried it straight away and it was easy to follow and crochet in no time. I only added the outer edge to it (sc, ch2, all around it).

Here is my version of the heart:

Now jump over to her blog and make your own 😉

Free crochet Hairband by Crochetology



I found this great pattern by Chrochetology here: Hairbands Appropriating Hat Patterns

This is her original versionn and her original picture. You can see how it looks on the head. I think it´s very pretty:

Instead of the grapes I made the rose brooch so I can war the headband with or without the flower.

I used 100% Mercerized Cotton and a 2,5mm Hook.
31 grams for the headband and 19 grams for the rose.

Crocheted Rock Art


I totally love crochet covered rocks. I think the contrast between the hard cold stone and the soft warm yarn is great.

The first covered rocks I saw where the ones from http://www.resurrectionfern.typepad.com/ . She creates such beautiful things with materials she finds in nature.

Inspired by her rocks I started hunting for pictures and ideas on the net. In the meantime a lot of people discovered the joy of creating Rock Art. No matter if they are made with white thread (which looks really elegant) or multicolored. I love them all.

You can use lace crochet patterns or doily patterns and adapt them to your rocks or you use freeform crochet. In the Crochet Today! Magazine Sept/Oct 2009 were three nice patterns by Margaret Oomen (You can take a look here: http://www.crochettoday.com/crochet-patterns/lacy-river-rocks). These where the ones I used for my first experiments. After that I was was compleetly infected. I went for very long walks to search for nice stones (they are not easy to find in my area) and started my collection.  I even went for a walk with some finished rocks to take pictures. Today I want to show you some of my creations:

The little fish is a free pattern by Margaret Oomen and you can find it here:


For this rock I used one of the patterns from the Crochet Today! Magazine

For this one I adapted a pineapple motif pattern

For these rocks I used one of the patterns from the Crochet Today! Magazine

This one I copied from a doily picture I found on the internet. This is the biggest stone so far. It nearly weighs 3 kg and measures 20×18 cm. It´s quite big and I use ist as a doorstop sometimes.

This one is an adapted irish crochet doily. I added a big bead in the middle of the irish rose pattern to make it look more elegant.

I hope you like what you see and maybe you are inspired to try it yourselft. Purlbee has a nice tutorial posted if you want to (http://www.purlbee.com/little-urchin-crochet-covered/). There are endless possibilities to create and have fun.

Happy Hooking everyone 🙂